Road-trip through circular Europe: rendezvous à La REcyclerie

Posted on 07 April 2016.

In 2016, discover our European neighbors’ circular alternatives at La REcyclerie.

This year, La REcyclerie is highlighting sustainable solutions developed in urban areas across Europe with the event “L’Europe des Possibles”. Every month, from March to December, one European country will be showcased during business meetings, events to share good ideas, public lectures, practical events, etc.

As the main partner of both La REcyclerie and the event, Veolia is organizing a series of conferences focusing on the circular economy: the 2C circular conferences. The aim is to create a network of students and young people and help them understand the keys to the circular economy - a development model that is more responsible and more respectful of our resources.

These conferences have been organized by Veolia in partnership with the Ecole des Ponts, and the Institut de l’Economie Circulaire et Climates.

The 2C series consists of 5 conferences in 2016. Each showcases a country and a specific circular economy related topic - industrial performance, climate, economic development, etc.

The first conference, held on 30 March, took us to the UK on the theme "The circular economy at the heart of the territories!" A unique example was presented - Veolia extracts precious metals from London’s street dust!

This month, we’re off to Denmark and Greenland!