Zero waste shampoo: single use and maxi-effect

Posted on 03 November 2020.

At just 16 years old, Benjamin Stern, a teenager from Florida, has invented an environmentally friendly water-soluble, single-use, plastic-free shampoo.

Each year, 552 million bottles of shampoo end up in landfills in the United States, which is enough to fill 1,164 football pitches!

Combining all the advantages of the circular economy in one product is the performance of NOHBO’s (No-H(air)-BOttles) shampoo drops: an invention straight out of 16-year-old American teenager Benjamin Stern’s imagination. 

Directly inspired by water-soluble packaged dishwasher tablets, this shampoo comes in a single-use drops that dissolve in water and therefore generate no waste.This lagoon-coloured drop contains 5 ml of shampoo, which is more than enough to wash any length or thickness of hair. Its concentrated formula avoids wasting water, since conventional bottles contain around 80% water.

Another advantage of single-use packaging is that as it is lighter and smaller it reduces the carbon footprint of their transport. Finally, as the shampoo is plant-based and paraben-, sulphate-, and chemical-free, it leaves no polluting residue in the wastewater. In short, it could potentially revolutionise the shampoo industry.
The stakes are anything but anecdotal because shampoo bottles are a plague on the environment. According to Johnson & Johnson, some 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills in the United States alone each year, which is enough to fill 1,164 football pitches!

As a result, NOHBO is winning over the market, and the young Benjamin Stern already markets his drops to consumers and hotels through his website. Building on these early positive results, he has also tackled soap and shower gel, thanks to a recent $3 million fundraiser. The eco-creativity of the American teenager has only just begun; he is already working on zero waste sunscreens and shaving foams.

In France, the anti-waste law adopted on 30 January 2020 advocates, among other things, the gradual phasing out of disposable plastic, including shampoo bottles. In this context, NOHBO could well conquer the French market with its plastic-free drops