Wonderful energy at Station-E

Posted on 03 December 2020.

Tackle ecological and climate issues from an optimistic and unexpected angle, discover renewable energies while having fun - that’s the mojo of the ephemeral 100% energy self-sufficient place for celebration and experimentation known as Station-E.

Created in 2018, Station-E opened its doors on 900 m² of urban wasteland in Montreuil, in eastern Paris. This ephemeral place is dedicated to energy innovations (Station-E stands for Station Energie. It is entirely powered by renewable energy sources thanks to solar panels, wind turbines, power-generating bicycles and Enercoop - a "green" French energy supplier that has also partly supplied the eco-responsible festival "We Love Green" since it began.

This unusual space in Montreuil is run by the association Atelier 21 founded by Cédric Carles, a French-Swiss designer that Living Circular has already had the opportunity to profile.

He has been working on energy transition issues for some 20 years having invented an alkaline battery regenerator called RegenBox, Solar Sound System, a sound system that uses solar and muscle power, and set up Paléo Energétique, a participatory research program tracing the history of energy. His approach, which is both experimental and academic, is designed to be educational, fun and collaborative.

With Station-E, Cédric Carles and his colleagues at Atelier 21 wanted to involve the public in "a collective energy experience" and introduce them to renewable energies in a concrete way. So they concocted an eclectic program, combining experiments, education and fun, participatory science and solar cooking.

The program includes meetings and exhibitions, workshops on renewable energies and recycling, shows, concerts and DJ sets (powered by the Solar Sound System of course!). For example, participants can cook their meals in a solar oven, pedal to make fruit juice, exchange seeds in a somewhat unusual bar, and discover the textile recycling stand run by the AMELIOR association.