Winnow – an anti-waste friend for chefs

Posted on 23 May 2019.

This English company has developed a technological solution that helps chefs and their teams drastically reduce food waste in their kitchens – and so make substantial savings.

Professional kitchens waste up to 20% of the produce they buy - a cost that can be as much as their profit.

Winnowing is an agricultural practice that rids cereals of their husks by shaking them in sieve – hence the saying "separate the wheat from the chaff". And that's exactly what the English company Winnow is offering chefs around the world, avoiding food waste by helping them identify food that is too good to throw away.
And there’s a lot of work to do. According to Winnow, food waste costs the hotel industry over 100 billion dollars a year. Professional kitchens waste up to 20% of the produce they buy - a cost that can be as much as their profit. This is due to the fact that chefs have no idea what they’re throwing away.
So Winnow developed a digital solution that gives them better visibility about the waste in their kitchens. The technology gives chefs information about exactly what is going into their trash cans.
With Winnow, food waste is thrown in the trash in the usual way by kitchen staff, except that the trash can is on a smart scale. In real time, using a touch pad, it shows what food is being thrown away and in particular what the cost is in both financial and environmental terms.

Performance reports

In addition, software analyzes all the data daily and records a number of key metrics. After that, the system provides regular reports to track performance and identify which food waste items to focus on. It gives chefs the information they need to make better decisions, improve their processes and set their team clear goals.
Winnow's mission is to mobilize chefs to reduce food waste, with the belief that technology can change the way food is managed.
By offering chefs this tool, the English company is giving them the tools to take concrete action. Its "promise"? Reduce food waste by half and save between 3% and 8% on the cost of produce.
Winnow’s customers include the French hotel group Accor and Ikea. And thanks to Winnow, the restaurants operated by the furniture giant have saved the equivalent of 350,000 meals in eight months.