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Which solutions for global warming?

Posted on 23 September 2014.

Sharing long-lasting solutions that tackle climate change is the aim of the September 23 UN Summit being held during Climate Week in New York. A key step ahead of the international agreement to be approved in Paris in December 2015.

All week tackling climate change will be at the heart of discussions in New York. The opening of the Climate Week NYC coincides with the Climate Summit organized by the United Nations on September 23.

A year ago, Ban Ki-moon announced that tackling climate change would be a priority in 2014. To prepare for negotiations scheduled for late 2015 in Paris, the Secretary General of the United Nations is organizing a special "solution-oriented" summit. With its slogan "catalyzing action", it aims to provide a setting in which to share good environmental practices. A total of 125 countries will be represented and representatives from the private sector, including Veolia, who have been invited to contribute to the "multi-stakeholder commitments". Ban Ki-moon expects leaders to announce “bold and forward-looking" actions and propose "concrete [...] actions that are rational from an economic viewpoint and provide significant environmental benefits.” The challenge is not a small one - to limit global warming to 2°C over the pre-industrial period.

In parallel, the Climate Week NYC runs from September 22 to 28. This annual event will both enable discussions to continue and mobilize a wider audience of diplomats, politicians, companies, NGOs and civil society.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions - carbon dioxide and methane in particular - plays a crucial role in curbing climate disruption. When comprehensive and radical political measures are taken it has already proved possible to positively impact the environment – as has been the case with the ozone layer.

Tackling climate change means inventing a new development model that no longer depends on fossil fuels and is based on rational use of available resources in line with the principles of the circular economy. This new model is not incompatible with economic growth - on the contrary, it is a vector for innovation and a source of new jobs.

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