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When street food becomes eco-friendly

Posted on 02 September 2015.

In 2016, New York’s famous food carts will undergo a revolution: 500 "green" trucks, operating entirely with renewable energy, are preparing to invade the streets of the Big Apple.

Food carts have been an institution in New York for nearly 150 years. From Central Park to Coney Island and Wall Street, these mini mobile kitchens are an integral part of the city’s culture and charm, serving New Yorkers and tourists with tasty, affordable food. New York has several thousand food carts scattered all over the city, serving more than a million people every day! And they are preparing for a revolution - an ecological facelift. In May 2015, the City of New York and MOVE Systems announced the distribution of more than 500 eco-friendly carts to street vendors. The MRV100s are powered by renewable energy.

Traditionally food carts have used bottled propane gas to run their kitchens - with a number risks for both the street vendors and their customers. Recently, a food truck exploded near the White House in Washington! Not only dangerous, they are also a major source of pollution because they release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of the American metropolis.

The MRV100 fleet will reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the streets of New York. All in stainless steel, the brand-new food trucks have a futuristic look about them. In addition to solar panels on the roof, they have a generator powered by natural gas that can charge additional batteries to provide extra power when needed. According to a report published by the think tank Energy Vision, each MRV100 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and the probability of the formation of smog by 95% compared to traditional food carts. This is the equivalent of the pollution generated by 200 vehicles!

An MRV100 costs between 15,000 and 25,000 dollars. The first 500 ecological food carts will be offered to the first street vendors that sign up and will go into use in 2016.