Phototheque VEOLIA - Peggy LE FLOCH

Waste becomes art

Posted on 07 June 2016.

In western France, an association of designers collects waste from Veolia’s Châteaubernard site and turns it into art.

40 to 60m3 of industrial waste in the space of a year.

On 18 December 2015, Veolia Limousin / Poitou-Charentes signed a unique partnership agreement with Le Carré Bouge. This association, based in Tillières near Nantes, brings together a number of designers and creators involved in the applied arts. The goal? To develop innovative solutions in the service of art – and based on the circular economy.

A second lease of life

Veolia and Le Carré Bouge agreed to make better use of some of the waste found on the Châteaubernard site. Once a month, the members collect the tarpaulins, covers, cardboard, rubber, wood, etc. that have been previously identified and sorted by Veolia’s teams. It represents at least 40 to 60m3 of the 16,500 tonnes of industrial waste in the space of a year.

Usually sent for recycling, these raw materials are getting an immediate second lease of life in the hands of the association’s creative members. They are upcycled and transformed into original everyday objects or unique works of art - a tarpaulin used to cover a chair, a PVC offcut becomes curtains...

In return for the materials, Le Carré Bouge regularly presents these unusual creations to Veolia customers and employees... demonstrating how to mutate waste into works of art!


Veolia would like to extend this cooperation to other regions. The project exactly matches the desire of both partners to ensure their activities fall within a circular process. Veolia encourages its employees to view waste differently. And Le Carré Bouge promotes a new responsible design model – the perfect example of fruitful and creative collaboration!