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Veolia and The Conversation pass the word

Posted on 24 October 2017.

The Veolia Foundation supports the launch of a new circular economy section on The Conversation France's website.

The circular economy catalyzes a number of projects which #LivingCircular echoes. It also brings together personalities and entities in search of new ecologically virtuous models. Today, the Veolia foundation [] and The Conversation France have joined forces to promote the circular economy to the general public ... and to feed the conversion.
Initially launched in Australia in 2011 and then in other countries, including France, in 2015, The Conversation is based on the idea that "access to independent, high quality, authenticated, explanatory journalism underpins a functioning democracy" and The Conversation's website is an independent source of news and views. It publishes articles written by the academic and research community directly delivered to the public. Sharing or republishing is also free of charge under Creative Commons licensing. Thanks to its recognized expertise, the website has become a source of information for the media. Founded in May 2004, the Veolia Foundation supports general interest not-for-profit projects in sustainable development, in particular. In order to carry out its mission, it provides financial support and leverages the expertise of Veolia Group employees.

Contribute to high-quality information on the circular economy

These two stakeholders have joined forces to launch the circular economy section on The Conversation France's website. The aim is to promote access to knowledge, information, and reflection on the challenges of the circular economy. "The Veolia Foundation wanted, in connection with The Conversation, to promote the sharing of high-quality information on the circular economy with all stakeholders: communities, industry, users, NGOs, students, and researchers. Environmental awareness and education of the general public are among the Foundation's priority missions," said Thierry Vandevelde, Doctor of Science and Delegate General of the Veolia Foundation.
This partnership includes the presence of members of The Conversation France, Veolia employees, and other personalities, such as Dominique Bourg, Deputy Chairman of the Foundation for Nature and Man (founded by Nicolas Hulot), who is a philosopher and teacher at Lausanne University, on the Editorial Board of the new section. In a  plea for a "permacircular" economy, the latter explains that we are living on credit: " Whatever the chosen indicator, we have already crossed the Earth's limits. We now consume globally 1.7 planets, i.e. more resources than the Earth is able to provide us without damage. " According to him, we need to restore the planet through a truly circular economy. Read the many other articles and contributions.