Two French guys and the 1st circular economy world tour

Posted on 12 January 2016.

Since March 2015, two young French guys have traveled through 22 countries and collected 100 initiatives that limit the consumption of natural resources and reduce waste.

The circular economy is as much about limiting our consumption of natural resources as it is about reducing and recycling our waste.

Jules Coignard and Raphaël Masvigner were just 25 when they meet in 2013 in Mexico. Young graduates, they were both working for the Airbus Group, one as a purchasing manager, the other in marketing. Driven by an acute awareness of sustainable development and the need to save resources, the two young colleagues came up with a crazy idea for a project – to complete the first circular economy world tour – and on the way collect one hundred initiatives from twenty-two countries on five continents. They left their jobs in 2014 and set up the association Circul'R. With a wide network of partners also committed to responsible projects, their journey began in March 2015 – 17 months punctuated by conferences with partner universities in each country and video reports on the most striking initiatives, all widely reported on social media. They even launched a crowdfunding campaign for their project. To date, they have already traveled three continents, met eighty entrepreneurs and talked with eight hundred students. The journey continues in Asia and will end on the American continent. With their circular economy world tour, they set themselves three objectives. Firstly, to collect original initiatives that work - for example, in Senegal, they met an association of gleaners that recover waste, and in Morocco, an association that is experimenting with permaculture on a landfill site that now grows fruit and vegetables. Their second aim is to connect circular economy players together. And their third aim is to raise public awareness about the need to consume differently. From start-ups, associations and businesses, the initiatives they list can be in any sector of activity. This is the dynamic this new kind of globetrotter wants to start talking about.