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Posted on 28 October 2014.

We recognise collaboration is key to maintaining the momentum of the circular economy. So now it’s time for you to share your circular ideas with Veolia and Guardian Sustainable Business!

Do you have a promising initiative, a technological innovation or new concept that could transform existing processes? Until 18 November, share your ideas with us on the circular economy and upcycling!  

How to participate 

Participating has never been easier: send us your ideas in by email or through Twitter (via hashtag #CircularIdeas) using the tweet box below.

A jury of Veolia and Guardian Sustainable Business experts will then choose the best five proposals (on criteria such as innovation, creativity, feasibility, scalability and environmental impact) which will then be showcased on #LivingCircular. They will also be presented after the innovation webinar during the live Q&A on 21 November.

"Rethinking resources"

Because the use of our resources concerns all of us, Veolia and Guardian Sustainable Business have decided to make this the theme of three live webinars with a number of speakers such as Dr Liz Goodwin (Wrap), Estelle Brachlianoff (Veolia UK), Dustin Benton (Green Alliance), and Janet Gunter (Restart) to be held in parallel with this initiative. Visit the Guardian Sustainable Business website to get involved in these three webinars:

- Circular Economy, 7 November. Today, the issue is not so much about recycling our waste but rethinking its economic life cycle to develop production patterns and more consistent management methods. According to the World Economic Forum, these patterns and methods could help companies save up to a trillion dollars.  

- Innovation, 14 November. Innovation is fuelling the circular economy. Learn more from the people driving this forwards investing in technology to preserve resources such as turning sludge into plastic and cardboard into biodegradable nappies. 

- Regional Resource Challenges, 21 November. Exploring the tough challenges Local Authorities face to meet environmental targets focusing on what businesses can bring to help them manage water and energy shortages, treat and recycle waste, and conserve their resources. 

You can participate in a live Q&A session at the end of each webinar on the Guardian Sustainable Business website.

Veolia in the United Kingdom

As in the rest of the world, Veolia continues its mission to protect our natural resources in the UK. It changed its business model from very traditional to a manufacture of green products and green energy. In the UK it is estimated that businesses could save as much as £23 billion a year (just under 30 billion Euros) by joining the circular economy which makes both business and environmental sense!

So now it’s your turn! Share your vision and ideas with us and we’ll share them with the community. 

For more information:

- The Guardian Sustainable Business website
- Recovery of resources according to Veolia