Romain Pilliard’s Route du Rhum will be circular!

On November 4, 2018, the French skipper will set off for Guadeloupe with a completely renovated and legendary trimaran - the one Ellen MacArthur sailed during her record solo around-the-world trip in 2005.

Completely renovated, this 75-foot giant of the sea is aptly named: Use it Again!

Who better than sailors to witness the ecological disaster that has been unfolding in our oceans for decades? Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic waste is spilled into the sea, polluting the environment and destroying marine biodiversity.

In 2010, it led Ellen MacArthur to set up her foundation dedicated to the circular economy. The world-famous British sailor sees this new economic model as the best way to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.

Also concerned about the issue because of all the time he has spent at sea, the French skipper Romain Pilliard has also embarked on a circular adventure. He offered a second life to Ellen MacArthur's trimaran which he will sail in the next Route du Rhum. The kickoff will be on November 4, 2018 off Saint-Malo, and the race will take the sailors to Guadeloupe.

For the multihull to meet this challenge, renovation work was necessary. Roman Pilliard set himself a clear goal: to reuse the maximum number of existing parts, and use imagination to replace the most damaged, without buying any new equipment.

The trimaran was therefore taken apart piece by piece - everything was carefully examined to check its condition. The still operational parts were retained and obsolete parts were replaced by reconditioned or recycled equipment. For example the navigation devices (GPS, radar, etc.) and onboard computers have all been sourced second-hand.

Roman Pilliard even wanted to keep the old sail. It was just resized thanks to sails offered by other professional skippers.

Completely renovated, this 75 feet (23 m) giant of the sea is well suited to its new name: Use it Again!


100% renewable energy

And that's not all! The power on the trimaran is just as ecological. The boat's electrical system has been completely revised to limit its impact on the environment. On board, Romain Pilliard’s team planned to install one or two wind turbines, solar panels, and even a hydrogenerator: a small propeller driven by the boat’s wake that can serve as a side engine. All this equipment will be used to power navigation instruments and communication tools using renewable energy.

For the French sailor, this approach obviously conveys some strong messages. Firstly, he wants to make the general public aware of the importance of changing our consumption patterns in order to make better use of our waste and protect the planet.
But he also sees it as an opportunity to prove that a circular project can be effective too. Use it Again! will be racing in the "ultimate" category, alongside the five fastest trimarans in the world. May the most circular win!


Droits image: © Veolia



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