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Rejoué, the circular and solidarity economy toy

Posted on 15 June 2017.

The association Rejoué has sold over 25,000 renovated toys since it was created in 2012.

In the film Toy Story, young Andy's toys are terrified at the thought of being abandoned by their owner. What if Andy decided to replace them with new toys? What will happen to Woody, Buzz Lightning, and Mr Potato Head the day Andy leaves home to go to university? With Rejoué, they can feel more confident about the future. This first toy recycling center in the Paris region gives new life to old toys so that they can continue to make children happy.

When toys create jobs

Rejoué is an association that was created in 2012. It is a social inclusion project the purpose of which is to accompany people in situations of economic uncertainty towards sustainable employment. How? Through the recovery and sale of old toys.

Dolls and figurines, board games and electronic games, stuffed animals, children's costumes, etc. are collected from homes, schools, businesses, and associations. They are sorted and some are repaired while others are disposed of. About half are recovered, cleaned using environmentally friendly products, renovated, and carefully wrapped in packaging made from recycled materials. All of these operations are entrusted to employees under a social inclusion program who are individually accompanied by "mentors" following their career plans.

26,662 toys sold

As a structure that fosters social inclusion through economic activity, Rejoué has opted for the circular economy which is an effective way to help people in difficulty find a job as well as contributing to reducing toy waste.

Since 2012, the association accompanied 54 people under a social inclusion program, half of whom found employment or training. This association, which has over 4,000 "member-customers", collected 33 tons of toys in 391 collection points and renovated half of them. Since it was created, it has sold some 26,662 toys in its store located in the Quais d'Ivry shopping center in Ivry-sur-Seine near Paris and during pop-up sales or online flash sales. A great performance which has also made thousands of children happy!