Powering the Change conference and the circular economy

Posted on 01 December 2017.

The Powering the Change to a circular economy conference was held from 15 to 17 November in Adelaide, Australia. The event focused on how to boost the circular economy by exploring all its opportunities.

It was a first in Australia: a conference entirely dedicated to implementing the circular economy and bringing together industry stakeholders, policy makers, experts and researchers... Veolia partnered the event.


Accelerating the transition to the circular economy

While many studies have demonstrated the economic benefits of transitioning to a circular model (which the World Economic Forum estimates at $ 1 trillion a year!), the challenge lies in successfully unlocking this tremendous potential. How can institutions, business and the academic world be encouraged to enter the loop and encourage synergies? How, ultimately, can we accelerate change?

This was the focus of the Powering the Change conference, organized in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Disruptive Innovation Festival. Innovative projects and research covering cities, buildings, food chain, plastics, precious metals, electronic waste, water, the manufacturing industry, bioeconomy, and disruptive business models were presented during international keynotes, round tables, focus sessions and networking events.
The conference also connected participants from different disciplines and sectors, with the aim of fostering sustainable partnerships between the various stakeholders. The goal is to create a real momentum that will fuel the transition to the circular economy.
Veolia partnered the event. A major player in the circular economy, the Group offers its customers innovative and sustainable water, energy and waste management and recovery solutions with a view to preserving and renewing resources. Around the world Veolia is demonstrating very concretely that the circular economy can create value from an environmental, economic and social point of view.
Amélie Rouvin, head of the circular economy commitment in Veolia's Sustainable Development Department, took part in several round tables to share the Group's vision. She first reminded everyone Veolia has made the circular economy a strategic goal and explained how the Group has incorporated the circular economy in its operational performance indicators. She also spoke about how to remove the obstacles to developing this model in the Australian economy.
She finally talked with Kate Dryden and Simone Looi-Britton about the necessary transition from a global to a local scale.
Preet Brar, Veolia Group General Manager for Southern Australia and the Northern Territories, spoke of the Group's contribution to a circular food system.

For an overview of the exchanges during these three productive days, visit the DIF website and follow hashtag #ThinkDif or #PoweringtheChange on twitter.