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Partnered by Veolia, Eco-Mobilier is recycling our old pillows!

Posted on 06 November 2018.

They’ve done mattresses. Now the new challenge being tackled by Eco-Mobilier in partnership with Veolia is giving our old duvets and pillows a second life.

What do you do with your old duvets and pillows? The most conscientious among us perhaps take them to collection points, but most of them usually end up in the trash to be incinerated or sent to landfill. However, their materials (textile, foam, fibers) have excellent recycling potential. Already specializing in recycling old mattresses in partnership with Veolia, Eco-Mobilier is now going to recycle used bedding such as duvets, pillows, sleeping bags, mattress toppers and all kinds of pillows.


Containers that preserve the quality of the waste

When recovering this waste, it’s essential to preserve the quality of the materials - especially during transport. Eco-Mobilier has therefore developed a separate collection system.

Special containers have been designed that avoid compressing the waste and

protect it from bad weather. Hermetically sealed, these large skips prevent external moisture from damaging the duvets, pillows and cushions. There’s no deterioration from the time they are collected from the pick-up point until they arrive at the sorting center.

Once at the center, they are sorted on the basis of their composition and condition. The raw materials are disinfected to ensure optimum quality before being recycled or reused in thermal and sound insulation - even in industry. A program that ensures we can all sleep more responsibly!


First collections show promise

Before the actual introduction of nationwide collections in October 2018, Eco-Mobilier conducted two initial experiments. In December 2017, the company ran a major launch operation with the furniture giant IKEA. Five of the Swedish brand’s stores in France organized the collection of bedding waste from the general public. In Marseille, Bayonne and Paris, customers were told about the new sorting scheme.  

In January and February 2018, the solution was also tested in Rennes, where 4 public waste centers were equipped with the new containers. A promising start, since more than 4 metric tons of duvets and pillows were collected in the space of two months!

The creation of a new recycling sector is also an opportunity for Veolia to reaffirm its commitment as a key player in furniture waste management. The next challenge? Actively support Éco-mobilier in its goal of "zero landfill" by 2023.