Paris offers "zero-emission" cruises on the Seine

Posted on 25 February 2021.

The river transport company Paris Yacht Marina has launched the Black Swan - its first 100% electric boat - powered by old Renault electric vehicle batteries.

A new way to make use of old electric car batteries from Seine Alliance!

On Port de Grenelle, a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower, Paris Yacht Marina offers its passengers dream cruises on the Seine. And now there’s an environmentally friendly opportunity to admire some of Paris's most beautiful monuments aboard one of its luxury yachts. Since September 2020, river cruises have adopted a sustainable development approach. A new model has been added to the river transport company's fleet: named the Black Swan, it is 100% electric.

The result of a partnership between Seine Alliance (which owns Paris Yacht Marina), the Renault Group and Green-Vision, a fledgling company specializing in the design of lithium-ion batteries, the Black Swan is equipped with two 15 KW 100% electric propulsion systems powered solely by lithium-ion batteries.

The secondhand batteries used by the electric vehicles of the brand with the diamond shaped logo still have between 70 and 80% of their initial capacity. They can be reconditioned before starting a second life aboard Paris Yacht Marina boats.
The battery life is four hours at an average cruising speed of 9 km/hour. Between two sailings, the boat is connected to a terminal that can recharge 80% of its capacity in just one hour.

A 100% electric fleet by 2024

Using a recycled hull from the Italian firm Tullio Abbate, the Black Swan can accommodate up to eight passengers for cruises lasting approximately two hours. It heralds a new generation of eco-designed boats, whose manufacturers are swapping internal combustion engines for greener propulsion systems.

In addition, by repurposing old batteries, Seine Alliance adds a new way of adding value to used electric car batteries.
The company, which is committed to electrifying its entire fleet by 2024, does not plan to stop there. It has already begun building another and much larger zero-emission (when in use) electric boat. This time it is a 33-meter-long yacht that can accommodate up to 80 passengers.
It will again use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (the Seine Alliance hasn’t specified the type of batteries) that will not only power the electric propulsion systems but also cover domestic use (air conditioning, for example).

Up to 30% of recharge requirements should be achieved with electricity generation systems integrated into the boat - in particular solar and wind.