Parachutes into furniture

Posted on 28 May 2020.

The Layer design studio teamed up with the ethical fashion brand RÆBURN to create the Canopy Collection - a collection of furniture made from recycled parachute fabric.

Launched at this year's London Design Festival, the Canopy Collection was born out of Layer (an English design studio) and RÆBURN’s shared interest in sustainable design and the "recontextualisation of undervalued materials".

Founded in 2001 by English designer Christopher Raeburn, RÆBURN is a pioneering brand that designs functional and original clothing and accessories from surplus textiles. Its philosophy is based on a "three R's" approach: reusing materials that are incorporated into unique locally-made pieces, reducing waste during production processes, using recycled fabrics from partners.

Layer and RÆBURN drew on the brand's archives - Christopher Raeburn had already used military surplus parachute fabric to make windproof jackets, bags and wallets - to create the Canopy Collection.

This limited edition furniture collection comprises four rocking chairs and two folding screens made from welded steel frames produced by the high-end manufacturer Allermuir and recycled parachute material, used to upholster the seats and backs and wrapped around the armrests. The first rocking chair design was made by covering the metal structure with layers of parachute cloth in white and light peach tones or in shades of black, apparently interwoven in an apparently disorganized way. The second model consists of canvas stretched over the frame, created by assembling several pieces of orange, white and khaki fabric. The same technique was used for the screen panels. The result is very successful. Each piece shows the particularities (geometry, transparency, robustness, etc.) of the original material.