Made in Sample circular patchwork

Posted on 04 December 2018.

Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, the Made in Sample company recovers and upcycles fabric samples that have not been used by interior designers. A boon for the home.

Recover, re-manufacture, and reuse ... In Hong Kong, Clive Sit collects fabric, wallpaper, and leather samples discarded by the furniture and interior decoration industry.

Although production scraps or used clothing are the first things that come to mind when thinking of textile industry waste, fabric samples also contribute to the environmental impact of this industry. Each season, interior decorators and architects receive thousands of samples ... and throw away the thousands received the previous season. An astronomical amount of high-quality textiles ends up in the trash.

In Hong Kong, Clive Sit, experienced interior decorator and the founder of Made in Sample, was confronted with this huge waste of resources which gave the young man the idea of creating a social enterprise based on circular economy principles.

Recover, re-manufacture, and reuse ... is the company's credo, which collects samples of material discarded by the furniture and interior decoration industry (fabric, wallpaper, leather) from designers, architects, and manufacturers to make ultra-stylish everyday objects. The flagship product of this Hong Kong company that employs highly trained retired tailors is a monochrome cushion, made from a blend of luxurious fabrics resulting in a genuine circular patchwork where Egyptian cotton blends with silk and velvet.

To achieve this, Made in Sample has a very thorough classification process, which is essential to its production process. Each small piece of fabric is classified according to its texture, pattern, and, especially, color (shade, brightness, saturation) based on a rather complex system making it possible to visualize interesting fabric combinations at a glance ...