France’s 100% circular cosmetics brand

Posted on 29 January 2019.

Created by Carole Marchais, the Happycuriennes brand puts the circular economy into our cosmetics. Its products are plant-based, organic and made-in-France!

It just goes to show, some real beauty elixirs hide in our waste!

Sort more and sort better. The goal set under France’s Grenelle laws and supported by many awareness campaigns. The French are making good progress: 84% claim to sort their packaging. But they do seem to be forgetting the smallest room in the house - the bathroom! Hygiene and cosmetic product packaging is among the least frequently and least well sorted waste. Only 21% of people in France do it right. And as a result, in France 75,000 metric tons of cosmetics and hygiene waste are thrown out every year.
Carole Marchais knows all about the cosmetics industry. A chemist and cosmetologist, she worked in it for twelve years before joining an environmental NGO. From these two passions, Carole drew up a white paper for an ideal cosmetics brand that respects not only skins but also the environment. In 2015, it went from being a project to reality. Happycuriennes is the first line of organic, vegan and made-in-France beauty care products. The products – like the packaging - are eco-friendly and take a 100% circular approach.

Natural products in short circuits

At Happycuriennes, skincare is all natural. It contains floral water, vegetable oils and plant extracts - all from local plants. These are grown in the south-west of France by small producers and cooperatives that are committed to respecting gentle and sustainable methods of cultivation, harvesting and extraction.
Alongside the maritime pine, sunflower, passion flower and heather, Carole also uses plum kernel oil. This is extracted from the plum kernel waste - usually discarded – produced by the food industry. It just goes to show, some real beauty elixirs hide in our waste!

To complete the ecodesign model, Happycuriennes cosmetics are made using a "cold" manufacturing process - it preserves the natural active ingredients at the same time as reducing the energy required for production.

Less packaging for a zero waste approach

On the product packaging side, Happycuriennes have sought to minimize waste production. Their commitment? You won’t end up with a collection of different kinds of bottles (eye contours, anti-wrinkles, etc.). The brand’s five treatments are multipurpose and suitable for all types of uses. They are sold in unique packaging made from recycled paper which is itself recyclable.
Once you’ve finished the product, don’t throw it in the trash. Through a partnership with TerraCycle, customers can take their empty bottles back to one of 70 collection points for recycling.
Happycuriennes are unquestionably leading the way to the world of "cosmethics"! Something to get major brands thinking about adopting new production methods and more sustainable consumption!