Environment heroes in 2018

Posted on 21 February 2019.

Exploring the world in search of circular economy solutions, innovating to respond to major environmental issues and raising awareness about the challenges... Here's how and why these personalities stood out in 2018.

1. Stéphanie Talevis and Pierre Georgin
In summer 2018, Stéphanie Talevis and Pierre Georgin, the first two recruits of Circul'R (a social enterprise uniting an international network of circular economy start-ups), cycled round the Mediterranean from Marseille to Athens looking for circular economy solutions that will help reduce waste and marine pollution. Living Circular met them before and after their trip.

2. Boyan Slat
In 2013, the American teenager came to the public’s attention through his Ocean Cleanup project to rid the oceans of plastic waste using huge floating barriers. After several years in development, Boyan Slat finally realized his dream: the first barrier was deployed in the Pacific Ocean in late summer 2018.

3. Ethan Brown and Patrick O. Brown
The respective founders of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, two US companies that market plant-based meat substitutes, were named "Champions of the Earth 2018" by the United Nations in the "Science and Innovation" category. Combining innovation, gastronomy and sustainable development, their products mimic the taste and texture of meat and are intended, beyond the shelves of Whole Foods Market, to satisfy the growing global demand for meat.

4. Gary and Sam Bencheghib
Video-makers and founders of Make A Change World, these two French nationals brought up on the island of Bali use the power of social networks to encourage people to take positive action for the planet. Following their well-documented journey along the Citarum - the most polluted river in Indonesia - aboard two kayaks made from plastic bottles, Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment has introduced an emergency plan to clean up the river. And President Joko Widodo announced a seven-year rehabilitation plan.

5. Katarina Linczenyiova
This young world-famous freediver travels the world exploring the depths and educating the public about marine pollution. She is involved in waste collection operations, cleaning up never-before-explored depths, and in projects to educate children about environmental issues. Katarina has been Veolia's ambassador in Central and Eastern Europe since 2017.