Enjoying a second life thanks to GEEV

Posted on 29 April 2019.

Two young men in France have launched a start-up that fights waste by encouraging people to give unwanted objects away. A circular idea for reuse.

More than 800,000 items were donated in 2018! That’s 2,000 metric tons less waste in our garbage cans.

"Fight waste and promote the circular economy" is one of the main objectives of the law on energy transition for green growth in Europe. For several years now, initiatives have flourished. For example avoiding food waste or reusing clothing and developing more circular fashion.
Businesses are not the only ones that can do something. Every single citizen can make a commitment to reducing waste. And it could start with offering the contents of our closets a second life! All sorts of stuff we no longer use is piled up in our cupboards before ending up in the trash.
In 2017 two young men in France, Hakim Baka and Florian Blanc, decided to fight all this waste by launching GEEV ("give"), a small ad platform for gifting objects between individuals.
The principle is simple: with a small ad and a photo users offer an object they want to get rid of, much to the delight of another website user who will make good use of it. No selling, no bartering, everything is free.
What’s being given away on the platform? Loads of decorative items, along with toys, clothes and shoes, household appliances, high-tech appliances and baby items. Treasure hunters can even get their hands on some rare gems such as stamp collections, vintage items and wedding dresses.
In 2018, there were more than 800,000 donations through the site. That’s 2,000 metric tons of stuff that has dodged the trash and is enjoying a second life. The two founders of GEEV are delighted to have nearly 1.5 million subscribers all over France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse. Thanks to having raised €3 million in 2018 the next step will be to take the platform abroad.