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The circular economy fits us like a glove…

Posted on 17 October 2014.

For Brighton Fashion Week 2014, Veolia joined forces with the Dumpster Design studio to create a rather unusual dress.

Ten newspapers, thirty plastic bottles, ten cardboard boxes; a metallic touch thanks to fifty cans and just as much aluminum foil packaging... As well as being regularly recycled by Veolia, these five materials also form the basis of a dress unlike any other! Entirely made of recycled waste, this design was revealed during Brighton Fashion Week, an event launched in the English city a dozen years ago to promote the work of young designers.

A “nature” dress

On a (recycled, of course) paper mache framework, Dumpster’s designers, who specialize in the use of recycled materials, creatively cut out hundreds of tree leaves to showcase the different materials. An autumnal theme directly inspired by Veolia’s tagline “Resourcing the world.”
All in all, it took some 72 hours (including drying the paper mache layers) to craft this “esthetic interpretation” of Veolia’s philosophy.

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