©segel-bilder.de, Sandra Wiesthal and her creation

The art of recycling waste

Posted on 09 August 2014.

From 21 to 29 June during the Kieler Woche - the biggest dinghy sailing competition in the world - the German artist Sandra Wiesthal took up residence in the Veolia Art Lounge. She completed a superb artistic project using recycled waste.

A member of the Trial & Error craftivist group, the Berliner is well known for using recycled materials in her installations and giving a second life to waste through her amazingly diverse creations. The project began on June 20 cleaning up the beach with sailor Philipp Buhl. Sandra Wiesthal then started building a boat from debris collected during the cleaning operation and from Veolia’s waste recycling center near Kiel. She managed to build a small single-handed boat that proudly floats on the water - a symbolic, artistic representation of the circular economy, and a fine example of upcycling!

Following in the footsteps of art, fashion and design, upcycling is also developing in sporting circles! During the 2010 World Cup and the 2014 World Cup several teams wore kit made from recycled materials.

“Plastic lady”, credits: ©segel-bilder.de (http://segel-bilder.de)
“Plastic lady”, credits: ©segel-bilder.de (http://segel-bilder.de)

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