Air New Zealand tests new coffee cups… edible ones!

Posted on 23 June 2020.

The New Zealand airline decided to reduce waste on its flights, so in October 2019 it replaced plastic cups with edible cups.

"The cups have been a great success with our passengers, so now we’re also using them as dessert bowls.”

According to Greenpeace, about 12.7 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. Eliminating plastic items from our everyday lives is now vital. It applies to straws as well as disposable plastic cups! 

So the Air New Zealand initiative is doubly merit worthy since it has replaced plastic coffee cups… with edible ones!

Guaranteed leak-proof, and manufactured by the start-up Twiice using vanilla-flavored biscuits, these edible cups are being gobbled up not only by passengers travelling between New Zealand and Australia, but also at Auckland Airport.

And that’s really good news when you consider that every year Air New Zealand uses 8 million cups on flights between the two countries.

“The cups have been a great success with our passengers, so now we’re also using them as dessert bowls," said Niki Chave, Customer Experience Manager for New Zealand Airlines.


Appetite comes from eating

In order to offer its customers more environmentally friendly services, in July 2019 Air New Zealand had already launched a first series of initiatives to reduce single-use plastic waste on its flights.

In addition to eliminating plastic bottles and toothbrushes from its planes, the company was already using biodegradable recipients - made from paper and cornstarch - on board its planes and in its lounges.

So the airline is going one step further with its edible cups. The next challenge for the airline and the start-up Twiice is to develop cutlery and plates that are also edible. An appetite for the circular economy comes with eating!