5 promises from the circular economy

Posted on 25 November 2015.

A few days before the start of COP21, the circular economy represents a major source of hope. Hope that a new development model can be established that helps protect the planet and also creates value for the economy and society.

COP21 begins in a few days’ time, reminding us of the need to rapidly find solutions that will combat climate change. The circular economy is one of those solutions. It encourages a new resource-use model, which not only respects the environment but also creates wealth for the economy and for society in general. The potential is tremendous. Consider this:

According to a study by the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the circular economy could create a large number of jobs.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation argues that this new model will be an important source of wealth for the global economy.

Reusing resources also avoids the emission of the greenhouse gases generated during extraction processes.

In the cradle to cradle model substances are used indefinitely, rather than being discarded.

With the circular economy, the things one person throws away become a resource for someone else.

The circular economy could therefore help us reshape our future by supporting a new economic and social dynamic that creates jobs and is more concerned about people’s well-being.