Veolia and LC Packaging recycle industrial plastic in the Netherlands

Posted on 06 November 2019.

Since May 2019, the Dutch flexible packaging manufacturer has teamed up with Veolia to recycle its reusable plastic products.

Aim: create a circular economy loop and reduce the amount of waste incinerated or buried.

The Dutch firm LC Packaging, one of the European leaders on the flexible packaging market, distributed over 11 million big bags worldwide in 2018. These are generally large flexible plastic containers — similar to giant bags — for carrying waste, construction materials, chemicals, or foodstuffs.
Keen to limit its waste stream as much as possible, the Dutch company nonetheless quickly came up against the lack of suitable infrastructure for recycling its products.
To remedy this situation, in May 2019 LC Packaging teamed up with Veolia in the Netherlands — a resource recovery specialist. The aim of this partnership is to create a circular economy loop by recovering and recycling the flexible packaging distributed by LC Packaging so as to significantly reduce the amount of waste incinerated or buried.

Pilot phase
A first recycling pilot phase was implemented with the collaboration of a number of LC Packaging’s client companies from the food, chemical, mining, or pharmaceutical industry, among others.
Veolia’s teams are tasked with retrieving the used packaging from these clients. It is sorted and then recycled as a secondary raw material using a grinding densification-granulation process.
This recycling process makes it possible to produce a high-quality resource to manufacture new flexible packaging. According to Lucas Lammers, LC Packaging’s CEO, certain products could be reconditioned up to six times in this way.
After this conclusive first phase, LC Packaging hopes to extend this closed loop to the activities of many clients and partners in its supply chain. It would become a large-scale project to reduce the waste associated with flexible packaging worldwide.