A unique French circular economy laboratory

Posted on 15 April 2016.

Organic'Vallée presents itself as the future leading French agro-activity area - entirely dedicated to the sustainable management of organic matter. A circular economy model?

Launched in 2015 as an SCIC (collective interest cooperative society) by Jean-Luc Da Lozzo and Gérard Lanta, who are managers of the organic waste recovery company Cler Verts, Organic'Vallée is a very ambitious project.

The goal is to bring all the players (social and solidarity enterprises, local producers and farmers, food manufacturers, local authorities, associations) in the region into an agri-activity zone organized on the basis of circular economy principles in order to establish synergies where one person’s waste become someone else’s raw material. In simple terms, the aim is to create an innovative, ecologically virtuous collaborative ecosystem.

Farmers will then be able to work directly with a waste recovery or green energy production company by using the compost produced on site to enrich the soil or offering crop byproducts to a biomass plant...

Located in the heart of the Lauragais Bio Vallée - a cluster that already has some thirty companies specializing in producing natural and organic products near Toulouse - Organic'Vallée will cover 55 hectares and is expected to host a wide range of activities such as market gardening, greenhouse vegetable production, animal husbandry, beekeeping, milling, oil mill, bread making...

Jean-Luc Da Lozzo and Gérard Lanta also want to install an organic vegetable canning plant, an alfalfa processing plant, a training center and a project development incubator. Even the rent at Organic'Vallée will be equitable - paid in proportion to the revenue each enterprise generates on the site.

The founders of this major project are planning to make use of direct, participatory financing from the inhabitants of Lauragais making them joint stakeholders in the economic development of their region. The area will be developed over a period of several years and could create up to a hundred jobs.