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Sorting waste is getting a facelift at Marionnaud’s!

Posted on 23 September 2016.

Marionnaud now encourages its customers to return their used beauty products to its stores. A unique initiative in France, developed in collaboration with Veolia.

According to an Ifop poll commissioned by the Marionnaud cosmetics chain, 93% of people in France believe that recycling is useful and eco-friendly. Nearly9 out of 10 people do it every day... but not in the bathroom! 47.6 million perfume bottles and 440 million skincare and makeup products are sold in France every year - but only 1 in 5 women said they regularly sorted cosmetic packaging.

160 tons of used cosmetics recycled by Veolia

Marionnaud now encourages its customers to return their used cosmetics to one of its 515 stores in France. Perfume bottles were already being collected, but now the company has extended the idea to include all beauty products, whether or not purchased in its stores: perfume and nail polish bottles, jars and tubes of creams, foundation, lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras, eye shadows, etc.

To give this waste a new lease of life, Marionnaud has partnered with Veolia. In the first year, the Group will handle 160 tons of bottles and waste packaging. Crushed and heated to very high temperature, glass perfume bottles will be recycled to become new bottles, while the plastic from empty pots and tubes will be used to create thermal energy that will power heating systems or generate electricity.

Both partners want to save resources and also reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling 1,000 bottles of perfume for example would save 329,000 Wh – equivalent to the energy consumed by a television working for 2,190 hours - and avoid the emission of 104 kg of CO2 - equivalent to the emissions produced by a car travelling 650 km!

Goal: to encourage people to sort used cosmetics, an area still underdeveloped in France

The lack of information available about sorting cosmetics is one of the reasons it is still underdeveloped in France. We know exactly where to throw a cookie box, but we hesitate when it comes to a tube of moisturizer. Recycling bin or garbage can? The program initiated by Marionnaud with the support of Veolia offers consumers a simple answer – and they are rewarded for it too! By returning used packaging to these cosmetic stores, consumers will benefit from discounts and loyalty points.