The EcoArrow II, for team Iron Warriors (Lodz University of Technology, Poland) - Credit: © Shell

Shell Eco-marathon, the race for energy efficiency is on!

Posted on 01 October 2015.

The challenge launched by the Shell Eco-marathon: travel as far as possible on one liter of fuel in the race for energy efficiency!

During the Shell Eco-marathon, it’s not the fastest vehicles that win the race, but the most innovative and environmentally friendly ones. Every year, this unique race challenges students worldwide to design, build and drive the most energy efficient vehicles possible. The vehicles cover a distance of 16 kilometers in under 39 minutes and once they’ve completed the circuit their fuel consumption is calculated for each category (Prototype or Urbanconcept) and energy type (internal combustion, electric propulsion).

This year's Eco-marathon celebrated its 30th anniversary - three decades of competition and innovation! The 2015 Europe edition was held in Rotterdam between 21 and 24 May. It attracted 230 teams and 3000 students from 30 countries. Among the entrants the little red and white 3D printed car designed by the Iron Warriors team from Lodz Polytechnic (Poland), competing in the category "Prototypes", was highly acclaimed. It is capable of traveling more than 640 km with just one liter of petrol! The objective of the Iron Warriors is to improve the combustion efficiency of their vehicle and so establish a new record over the next few years - and prove that technological innovations will help make the automobile industry more environmentally friendly!