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The SEB Group makes small electrical appliances with recycled plastic!

Posted on 12 July 2016.

Éco-systèmes, the SEB Group and Veolia have formed an industrial partnership to collect and recycle small electrical appliances.

In France each person throws away an average of 20 kg of used electrical and electronic equipment per year – and only 9 kg is collected by approved recycling operators.

Ironing shirts will never be the same again. Now, in fact, this everyday task could help reduce waste! If of course you’re one of the people who has opted for the steam generator manufactured by the SEB Group - its casing is produced from waste irons, kettles, etc!

This is the first small household appliance the historic brand has designed using recycled raw materials. But to achieve industrial production that is up to scratch in terms of quality and cost, it needed to be able to rely on a structured and expert sector.

45,000 tons of small appliances recycled

Initially, the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is collected by Éco-systèmes, a non-profit organization. Then it goes off to one of Veolia’s specialist centers where 45,000 tonnes of small electrical and electronic devices are sorted and processed into recycled raw materials every year.

It’s a valuable resource for the SEB Group, which now uses the plastic recycled by Veolia to produce its new steam generator.

Recycled plastic as good as virgin raw material

In order to meet the SEB Group’s production requirements and achieve a quality of recycled plastic identical to that of the virgin material, Veolia had to adjust its composition and characteristics - and ensure a continuous supply by optimizing flows to the SEB Group plant based in Saint-Jean-de-Bournay (38).

With this practical experience behind it, Veolia intends developing this business model on a larger scale. And wants to reinject this recycled plastic – almost as pure as the virgin raw material – into other industrial manufacturing processes.