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Flip-flops and recycled paper

Posted on 26 December 2017.

Taiwanese designer Yi-han Chen has designed some incredible recycled paper sandals with interchangeable soles.

Flip flops are not known for their durability. The thin flat sole often only lasts the summer. Traditionally made of rubber or plastic, they are also not known for being environmentally friendly. But what if your flip-flops were made of recycled paper and had a sole you could change? This is the original idea that Yi-han Chen, a student at Dayeh University in the Design & Arts section, came up with.

These incredible long-lasting sandals are made from recycled paper pulp and 3D printed. The ingenious system devised by Yi-han Chen makes it possible to change the sole when the original one is worn or damaged - serrations fit into the grooves on the body of the flip flop.

Patent filed in Taiwan

It extends the life of your flip-flops or other sandals, and means you can use the same shoes indoors and outdoors simply by changing the sole. In some large Asian cities, where space is scarce, being able to get rid of the shoe cabinet is a big plus!

The Taiwanese company De Guang Digital Design, which employs Yi-han Chen, has already filed a patent for this invention. According to the Taipei Times, it is preparing to produce finished product samples and will begin selling Yi-han Chen’s recycled paper flip-flops by the end of the year.