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Evian - seven years to become 100% circular

Posted on 08 November 2018.

In January 2018, Evian announced its ambition to become the Danone group’s first brand to use 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2025.

Evian, the world’s third biggest bottled mineral water brand, announced its ambition in January 2018 to become the first company in the Danone group to become 100% circular by 2025.

In practical terms, Evian is undertaking to make 100% of its bottles from recycled plastic (PET) by that date. At present, Evian uses only 25% recycled plastic and the bottles can only be recycled three times without quality being affected. This circular approach draws on the partnership the brand has forged with Loop Industries.

This Canadian firm has developed innovative technology that enables PET waste to be recycled indefinitely. The recycled plastic is of a quality that meets Evian’s requirements. The brand will stop using any new plastic produced by petroleum combustion. It will switch from a linear to a circular model in which waste becomes a resource.


Zero waste target

Evian has been endeavouring to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging waste for several years. The brand is receiving support from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation which is helping it to set a circular economy roadmap.

With a view to achieving zero waste, since 2009 Evian has – via the Danone Ecosystem Fund - been supporting a large number of initiatives which help increase the plastic waste collection and recycling rate.

For instance, it is taking part in The Ocean Cleanup, a project founded by the young Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, who has set himself the goal of eradicating plastic from the world’s oceans. Another example is Evian’s partnership with the start-up Lemontri. This partnership enabled 10 million plastic bottles to be collected from voluntary drop-off points in 2017. Two thousand new collection points will soon be set up in Paris to collect an extra 25 million bottles between now and 2019.


Global awareness-raising campaign

In January 2018, Evian also launched a global awareness-raising campaign aimed at the general public under the hashtag #HeroTheZero. The aim: show that an empty plastic bottle can also be a resource. As part of the campaign, educational documentaries about the importance of sorting and recycling will be disseminated in partnership with VICE Impact.

In the same vein, in late January 2018 in Davos (Switzerland), Evian attended the World Economic Forum and made an appeal to all industries to take on board the principles of the circular economy in the long term.