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When sorting your waste wins you things!

Posted on 13 June 2017.

What if sorting your plastic waste won you gifts? This is Yoyo's gamble. This start-up gives households gifts to turn them into collection and recycling centers.

Overflowing waste containers, trash container rooms full, complicated instructions that change from town to town, etc., even for the most enthusiastic pro-environment citizens, urban waste sorting is often equivalent to a brain teaser. It was on the basis of this observation that the Yoyo platform was developed.

With the motto "the more you sort, the more points you win", this start-up decided to encourage households to separate plastic waste from other waste for recycling. How? By awarding them points.

With a little nudge to sort more and better, Yoyo hopes to double urban recycling and achieve the objective of zero waste sorting center used. The principle is simple: interested households just need to join the Yoyo community online, free of charge, to become Sorters.

At a trash can's throw from their home, they geolocate a "Coach" and this "sorting buddy" helps them understand sorting instructions and supplies them with orange waterproof bags to put clear plastic bottles in. Ultimately, bags of different colors will be provided to collect all the empty packaging according to the type of plastic they contain.

These are not just any bags, they are numbered for two reasons. Once the Sorter has filled them, they take them back to their Coach who scans the bags and registers the numbers to credit their account with points.

These points can be used on the Yoyo platform to acquire gifts proposed by towns and partner companies: reductions for shows, museums, gift vouchers in organic and eco-citizen stores... and even kWh from renewable energy suppliers.

Moreover, since the bags and their contents are collected by structured logistics, everything is recycled in short and local circuits without passing through waste sorting centers.

The project's objective is to reduce sorting errors by using bags specific to each material. As the material collected is of better quality, recycling is optimized. By reducing the waste circuit, major savings can be made in terms of energy consumption, storage, and transportation.

This virtuous approach prompted Veolia to become a partner and shareholder of Yoyo. Lyon 9 and Bordeaux Centre have been organizing this short loop "collection 2.0" since December 2016. Marseille, Nice, and Mulhouse are also lined up and will be opening in the next few months.

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