Rype Office

When the circular economy invades the office

Posted on 15 June 2016.

Rype Office offers its customers furniture at half the price of traditional office furniture and with a three times smaller environmental impact. Magic? No, just the circular economy!

In business, an office has to be functional. It is a workspace, often impersonal, consisting of furniture, objects, and hardware that doesn’t belong to the people using it every day. Its primary purpose is to be ergonomic, meaning able to be "used with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency by as many people as possible”.

This makes it fertile terrain for new circular economy practices such as the functionality economy and “remanufacturing”, which consists of re-making product so it has the same qualities as a brand new product. Exactly the niche Rype Office occupies.

Founded in London by the consulting firm Lavery / Pennell, Rype Office offers three options to its customers. The first option is purchasing or leasing new furniture, selected for its durability and ease of remanufacturing; the second option is buying furniture from the stock refurbished by Rype Office, saving up to 50% on the original price; and finally the third option is having their own chairs, desks, and shelving units renovated. The process is undertaken by Rype Office, which combines craftsmanship and modern technologies in order to deliver impeccable pieces of furniture.

Whichever option you choose, and whether it’s to equip new offices or update the decoration, Rype Office promises comprehensive personalized support. It begins with an inventory and an assessment of the company’s needs and budget. Rype Office then designs the furniture in all sorts of sizes and shapes and from any materials, meeting the three major concerns: maximizing space, creating a working environment that stimulates creativity and productivity, and reducing the customer’s environmental footprint. The company procures furniture, parts, and materials from brands recognized for the quality of their products, and installs, maintains them and guarantees they will be bought back at any point in their life cycle.

This customized turnkey service is changing how a large number of companies perceive the furniture on their premises and reveals the benefits of more sustainable practices. This makes Rype Office an exemplary circular economy company.