What if you received free gifts for sorting your waste?

Posted on 08 January 2018.

Terradona offers free gifts if you sort your garbage. This start-up has developed Cliiink, a "smart" box – sort your waste and in exchange you collect points that can be converted into vouchers.

Over the next 5 years Cliiink will help the Pays de Grasse urban area collect an additional 5,000 tonnes of glass!

Do you really sort all your garbage? Maybe like 66% of French people, you don’t always do it systematically. The Belgians and Germans - who use no less than 4 different recycling bins – are the champions. If waste is to be recycled, it has to be collected upstream making consumers a crucial link in the circular economy.
How can we encourage people to be more serious about selective sorting? By developing a reward system! The challenge has been taken up by the start-up Terradona. It has created Cliiink, a smart box that can be fitted to recycling bins. Digital technology and sustainable development go hand in hand!
Before dropping their waste in the bins, users connect to the box via a free mobile application or a contactless card. They then earn points for every item they drop in. Points can be converted into vouchers to use in various local shops or even be given to charity. In short, an amusing and educational system that makes people aware of the value in their waste and encourages them to sort it more carefully.
The device was tested in 4 municipalities (Chateauneuf-les-Martigues, Lambesc, Septemes les Vallons and the 9th arrondissement in Marseille) in the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area for 18 months on various glass collection points. Result: a 20% increase in the volume of sorted waste over the period.
Convinced of the value of the Cliiink system, Veolia has concluded a first exclusive partnership with the Terradona startup for the Alpes-Maritimes area. As part of its plan to improve glass recycling, the Pays de Grasse authorities were attracted by the idea of improving their recycling performance and their economic and social development. As a result, in part of the territory, 130 recycling bins will be equipped with the device in 2018.
The Pays de Grasse area has decided to focus on glass collection. Because it usually has to be recycled outside the home it often ends up in the trash with other household waste. But glass can be recycled indefinitely at very low cost.
Thanks to Cliiink, the local authority is expected to collect an additional 5,000 tonnes of glass over the next five years. A win-win scheme: the municipalities will reduce their environmental impact and waste treatment related costs, citizens that sort will earn gift vouchers and trade will be boosted when the vouchers are used. In addition, the Pays de Grasse has pledged 3.05 euros to the Cancer League for every tonne of glass collected.


- When sorting your waste wins you things!