What about making your own compost?

Posted on 05 March 2018.

The young company Tributerre is democratizing composting for "zero waste" and better soil.

Compostmètre introduces participatory composting.

Urbanization and intensive agriculture is depleting the soil, but our bins contain 30% food and other plant waste that could be regenerating the soil. Vegetable peelings, egg shells, meat and fish waste, meal leftovers, withered flowers... All this bio-waste, usually incinerated or sent to landfill, is organic and could be returned to the earth in the form of compost that will nourish it.


To encourage the practice of composting as an alternative to landfill and incineration, the start-up Tributerre came up with the idea of developing an educational tool that provides a step by step guide for anyone wanting to make "homemade" compost.


According to the young company, set up in 2016, not knowing (how to, what to put in, what to do with compost) is the main obstacle to starting to compost. It therefore developed a connected object, the Compostmètre, which teaches users what they need to know to successfully compost their waste.

There are several elements: a probe equipped with sensors, which is planted in the compost to measure the level of maturity; a disk, which collects the information relayed by the probe and indicates key actions and when they should be done; a web interface allows you to view all the indicators (humidity, temperature, pH, etc.) and access additional information, such as how to make best use of the finished compost.


A community approach

"Our vision is of a circular society in which waste is a resource and where citizens want to actively participate in preserving the environment and natural resources," reads the campaign's crowdfunding page, launched by Tributerre this summer. The company’s activity is not limited to just the sale of a connected object. The Compostmètre aims to introduce participatory composting and locally create real communities - called "tribes".


A tribe brings together every level of composter, from the novice to the master. Its members (2,940 in total according to Tributerre) pool practices and knowledge "in an approach aimed at collaboration and the co-construction of a citizen led sector preventing and managing bio-waste".

Although the Compostmètre is being presold to individual members of the public, the tool is intended to be used on a larger scale: the company is targeting local communities which it hopes will take part and support citizens wanting to begin composting. With this in mind, Tributerre launched the program JeVeuxComposter.org, which is experimenting with a participatory composting solution in "10 Pioneer Territories 2018".