Urban Pulse

Urban Pulse, the mobile application that makes the city simpler and more circular

Posted on 06 October 2016.

Designed by Veolia, the Urban Pulse app gathers all the city information in real time. A way of making life easier for people – and one that involves them in the local circular economy.

The cities of the twenty-first century face innumerable challenges. Against the backdrop of demographic explosion, they have to accommodate more and more people while reducing their environmental impact and optimizing their resources (water, space, energy, etc.).

To address these issues, a concept has been emerging over the last few years - the smart city. Cities have to become "smart", in particular by using new digital tools.

A mobile application that makes life simpler

For the connected city, Veolia developed Urban Pulse, a mobile application that brings together all the city information and sends it out to citizens in a useful and easy format. Services, events, transport, shops and communities - users get real time, geo located data.

Get involved in the circular economy

Urban Pulse was designed to promote and encourage responsible behavior.

The application lists all the "circular" services and addresses in the city: the recycling center, thrift stores and repair centers, etc. Environmental indicators - particularly for air quality - also allow users to mindfully choose their mode of transport.

But the application also brings together a whole ecosystem of startups working for the circular economy. In Nantes, for example, users can find shared parking spaces offered by "Zen Park", common work spaces listed by "Néo-nomade" or shared dinners that have been identified by the start-up "Voulez-vous dîner".

Urban Pulse therefore gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the local circular economy. With the information to hand on a single platform, people can make more informed choices, whether in relation to their mode of transport, their behavior or how they consume.

A new urban experience

To sum up, Urban Pulse offers a new urban experience: real-time information to improve the operation of the smart city and the comfort of its residents. But above all the possibility for everyone to commit to a sustainable and circular city. A great move!