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Treeki, a strange living object

Posted on 01 July 2014.

Treeki, a strange name for a strange ecosystem.

Treeki is a mini greenhouse with gravel and moss in which a ficus microcarpa (a small evergreen tree native to Asia) flourishes without any help. At night, this beautiful "living object" turns into plant lantern.

Inside the glass jar, the plant and the moss absorb water which is then secreted in the form of vapor as a result of photosynthesis. The water vapor condenses on the walls of the jar and is absorbed by the plant again. The water is therefore perpetually recycled.

If your home doesn’t provide an environment conducive to plant growth, Treeki provides just that environment.

In his Paris studio the landscape designer Noam Levy produces his precious Treeki - a modern version of the bottle gardens that were first seen in the nineteenth century. The Green Factory founder is a city dweller who lives with it: he is passionate about plants, he loves the great outdoors, but is convinced that plants can - and should - also have an important place in an urban setting and lifestyle. "Plants are less critical than food or heating. But they nourish another part of us. They reconnect us with nature and are a great source of pleasure.”. As a child, Noam learnt about botany out of curiosity. For twenty years now he has been cultivating his Aloe vera collection in his parents’ house in Paris. Wherever he has lived, he has always surrounded himself with lush vegetation.

Noam’s customers do not have the same aptitude as he does. He realized that although they would like to have plants in their home, they do not always have the proper conditions or the time to look after them. “Plants,” he says, "are not naturally at home in an apartment." He therefore came up with the perfect plant for urban dwellers: if their home or workplace does not provide an environment conducive to plant growth, Treeki provides this environment. If they do not have the desire or time to devote to it, Treeki will be self-sufficient. Both a decorative object and a living organism, Treeki is an independent ecosystem. Through the glass, you can see it living and growing alone, and once the lid is open, it gives off an odor of forest trails.

Looking after Treeki is very easy. A few snips with the scissors and a small amount of water twice a year and that’s it. For light, simply place it indoors, near a window, ensuring it does not get too much sun in hot weather. Treeki is equipped with an LED lighting system powered by a solar panel that stores natural or artificial light. Once darkness falls, it magically lights up.

Green Factory offers various handmade products and personalized advice for the garden or for indoors. Treeki is the company’s trademark product - Noam Levy’s little gem that proves to people that they don’t have to have a green thumb to grow a beautiful plant and keep it for a lifetime. As proved by one of his jars that you may see in his shop - one of the very first Treeki Noam ever produced. He has never opened it, either to water it, or to trim it. But it is still very healthy!

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