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Tara Méditerranée - the first few months of the expedition

Posted on 28 August 2014.

Tara left her home port of Lorient for her first expedition in the Mediterranean just over three months ago. We take a look at the most memorable events of the expedition so far.

The scientific schooner Tara has already completed over half of her journey. After the French Riviera, the ship stopped in Sardinia before dropping anchor in Vlora in Albania, Zakynthos in Greece and Beirut in the Lebanon.

There have been hundreds of scientific samples taken, encounters with dolphins and protected sea turtles, but most importantly Tara’s battle to protect the sea took yet another step forward. Aboard Tara during the stopover in Vlora, a cooperation agreement covering the marine park around Sazan Island was signed between the Conservatoire du Littoral Français and its counterpart, the Albanian Coastal National Agency. It will increase protection in a region where the flora and fauna are particularly abundant.

Next step: Cyprus and then Bizerte in Tunisia, where Tara will participate in a beach cleanup with local volunteers, before starting the voyage back to Lorient.

No doubt the second half of the expedition will bring even more good news for the Mediterranean ecosystem.

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