Sympower, the anti-waste smart grid

Posted on 19 November 2020.

Sympower - the name of an Estonian start-up company that plans to revolutionize energy management for businesses and households by eliminating energy waste.

According to the NGO négaWatt, a quarter of the energy we produce is not actually used. That’s a huge amount of waste. To tackle the issue energy players are developing smart grids that are able to adapt production and distribution to households’ and industries’ actual real-time consumption.
The main problem with electricity is that it can't be stored either for long periods of time or in large quantities. So what if an innovative solution to this huge waste lay in Estonia? The start-up Sympower was founded in this small European country in 2015. Its goal: to create a small-scale smart grid for renewable energies.

Customers who adopt its solution have their entire electrical network - at home or in the office - equipped with sensors. Linked to the cloud, these devices record real-time consumption data, and that data is fed into the start-up's platform.
Using algorithms, the software plans every aspect of its customers' consumption at the best time and from the best energy sources - which in practice means renewable energy.
For example, water heaters are adjusted in real time to be powered up when consumption drops. This ensures that during periods when consumption is low the green energy produced and not stored doesn’t go to waste.

« There are around 300,000 water heaters in Estonia. If they were all running at the same time, the aggregated wattage would be half of Estonia’s electricity consumption," Georg Rute, one of the founders of the start-up, told the magazine Postimees. “If they were all connected to Sympower and green energy sources, we could regulate their use and balance consumption. »
The solution has already won over several electricity suppliers in Estonia and Finland, who see this as an opportunity to no longer be dependent on the Russian energy purchased when consumption peaks. And the start-up has even been named one of the most promising start-ups for the environment by the international ClimateLaunchpad competition.

Having won over several corporate customers, Sympower now intends to expand its range by offering its solution to private individuals free of charge.