Safe arrival home for the four energetic sailors

Posted on 10 September 2020.

In August 2020, eleven months after their departure, the 4 matelots pleins d’énergie (the 4 energetic sailors) finished their tour of the Atlantic to discover the energies of tomorrow. These circular economy adventurers talk about their trip.

The 4 matelots pleins d’énergie (4 energetic sailors) made their last stop in the Azores before setting sail for Brittany. In August 2020, it was almost a year since Charlotte de Fouquières, Côme Houdeville, Paul Thomé, and Camille de Veyrac left the French coast for a sailing tour of the Atlantic. These four ENSTA ParisTech and Télécom SudParis students had set themselves the goal of exploring and promoting access to renewable energies

During the eleven months they spent wandering around the Atlantic, they had the chance to discover countless initiatives, including those developed by islands bordering the ocean. The many islands in the Atlantic effectively need to manage scarce resources. For these islands, more so than for any other country, the circular economy is becoming vital to guarantee the sustainability of resources, especially energy.

This is the case, for example, in Guadeloupe with the biomass thermal power plant in Le Moule. Here, bagasse - sugar cane residue - is collected from a sugar factory to be burned and generate green electricity. This plant generates nearly 31% of the island's energy and drastically reduces CO2 emissions caused by the coal-fired power stations that previously supplied the region. 

But the four circular economy musketeers did not just observe good ideas during their trip. In Senegal, for example, they built an electrical facility from scratch. Their mission was to provide an electricity supply for the health centre in the village of Moundé on the west coast of Senegal  so that care and childbirth are no longer carried out by the light of smartphones.. Assisted by the villagers, they installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building in under six weeks. A record!

Canaries, Senegal, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Azores ... wherever they went, the four sailors promoted access to renewable energies. And the adventure is far from over as the adventurers are already preparing a documentary on their circular economy odyssey which will shortly be available on their blog and their social media (Facebook and Instagram).