Paint it green!

Posted on 14 January 2016.

Paint can be endlessly recycled without ever losing its properties. Something British company Newlife Paints knows all about because it collects waste paint and turns it into new paint.

People living in the South Downs area in England could already take their old electronic and household appliances, glass and plastic bottles, metal, old furniture, old clothes and car batteries to one of Veolia’s many household waste recycling centers. Now they can get rid of their old paint cans too. Veolia has joined forces with Newlife Paints to offer a new life (just as beautiful as the first!) to leftover paint. The company is diverting paint, which is potentially harmful to the environment, from landfills, which improves its life cycle.

Keith Harrison, a British industrial chemist, came up with the idea of recycling old paint to make new paint. After two years of research, he designed a treatment process to convert waste paint into premium quality paint. In 2008 he founded Newlife Paints in Ford, West Sussex, with the objective of producing high quality environmentally friendly products. Newlife recycled over a hundred tons of paint in its first year!

A few years (and several awards) later, and Harrison's company has teamed up with Veolia to recover and recycle even more paint. Waste paint is collected in Veolia's fourteen recycling centers in Sussex and then sorted and separated into color batches. The paint is then treated, tested and filtered to produce a premium grade product (Newlife ensures that the process doesn’t increase the carbon footprint of its products) which is then sold to people in south east England so that they can make their homes look as good as new too!