Credit: EPSON

Office-made recycled paper in 3 minutes

Posted on 15 March 2016.

Epson has launched a manufacturing system that will shake up the world of stationery - a printer that produces recycled paper in the office.

Epson claims the PaperLab printer makes recycled paper in just three minutes.

Think back to the time when the new wave of the 80s was in full swing and the first notebooks made with recycled paper appeared – looking a bit like pressed plant specimens. About a decade later, attempts to halt deforestation in the Amazon were popping up in “open spaces”. First you had to recover your printouts and put them in machines – reverse side up – where rolls overloaded with used ink did not suffer in silence. Then at the turn of the century, a warning began invading our screens: "Do not print this email unless necessary, think about the environment." An ecological conscience had emerged. At least as regards paper and the millions trees sacrificed in the form of memos.

Cradle to cradle without seeming to

With PaperLab, Epson embodies the cradle to cradle office. It is a printer with a low carbon footprint that reduces waste. No need to sort waste paper or send it to the recycling center. PaperLab upcycles using Dry Fiber Technology. Its advantage is that it doesn’t use water - unlike the traditional process which uses at least the equivalent of a cup just to turn out one A4 sheet. Another benefit of the dry process is that because it doesn’t have to be connected to the plumbing, it can be right next to the coffee machine.

Whiter than white paper... a visiting card or scented paper

There are three steps to making this office-produced recycled paper. First, documents are broken down into paper fibers. Then bonding additives are added to make it stronger and whiter. Finally, a compaction process controls the density, thickness and the size of the sheet. The PaperLab does everything. A4, A3, business cards, colored paper and even... scented paper! You just have to think of a use for it...