Master composter: another new circular economy job

Posted on 07 October 2016.

Local bio-waste management is the master composter’s favorite playground. With the latest technical knowledge, they also support shared composting projects

One of the new circular economy jobs, the master composter runs composting workshops and even entire projects.

The circular economy is full of new ideas and generates lots of new, different jobs. Among them, in France, is the master composter. They are qualified technicians who understand the composting process and can analyze any problems that may arise in the process. They are also facilitators and trainers who run practical workshops and support shared composting projects in office buildings or independent institutions. An employee of a competent structure – a municipality or association - or a specialist consultant, their skills are validated by ADEME or its affiliates. In Colombes (near Paris) in the R-Urban Pole OrgaNeo, Eisenia and Ecole de Compost joined the local bio-waste management charter and partnered to offer ADEME recognized training. In the provinces, Eisenia, Formacompost and Au Ras le Sol also organize master composter training in Rennes, Nevers, Paris, and in the Périgord.