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Make your own soap with coffee grounds!

Posted on 26 April 2018.

Save your coffee grounds to make soap: the recipe for this DIY soap is both simple and environmentally friendly.

Making your own cosmetics at home means you control the ingredients and can reuse waste, such as coffee grounds – which have some interesting virtues!

Living Circular readers already know - it's crazy just how many virtues coffee grounds have! We know they are useful in the composter, good as a feed for your plants, maintain your pipes, repair marks on furniture and can even grow oyster mushrooms! But that's not all. Coffee grounds can also be used as a base for making a particularly effective homemade soap.

Combined with pure glycerin or the little, barely used, guest soaps found in hotel trash, coffee grounds will in fact make a very useful, cheap, and fiendishly effective soap – as easy as ABC!

Because the coffee grounds have an exfoliating effect, contain antioxidants and are top-notch deodorizers they are just perfect in the formula of a face or body exfoliating soap or an all-purpose soap designed to remove DIY stains and kitchen odors and stains. In short, by recycling this everyday waste, you can make a soap that is not only economical but also environmentally friendly!

Recipes all over the Net

The simple recipe for this green cosmetic has been made popular by the influential lifestyle website Popsugar. If you are looking for sustainable cosmetics, you’ll love it. The Net is teeming with recipes using coffee grounds, such as Revons savons, Mielandco, Byreo and Modes et travaux.