A laundry detergent that doesn't contaminate the environment - that's Lessive de Paris !

Posted on 04 March 2021.

Natural, local, zero-plastic and zero-waste, La Lessive de Paris is very much in tune with the times and shows us how to reduce the environmental impact of an everyday product to the maximum.

The fruit of several months’ development, the formula for La Lessive de Paris is designed to wash clothes efficiently without contaminating the environment.

What are the main ingredients in an industrially produced laundry detergent? Chemical detergents with surfactant properties that allow them to separate dirt from the laundry and sequestering agents that prevent it from redepositing; alkaline compounds that increase the action of the surfactants by maintaining the pH of the water at a high level; various enzymes that break down the organic molecules into smaller particles for easier removal; bleaching agents, preservatives, perfume, dye… the list goes on.

In short, a lot of chemistry is involved. The chemicals mean laundry detergents are fearsome against stains, but some have allergenic effects and varying degrees of toxicity for aquatic environments.

In La Lessive de Paris, the opposite is true. No substances harmful to health or the environment in a laundry detergent composed of more than 99% naturally occurring ingredients. Instead of petroleum-derived surfactants, it contains, for example, foaming agents made from sunflowers and copra soap (itself derived from coconut).
The result of several months of development – and dermatologically tested to avoid any risk of allergy - the La Lessive de Paris formula is designed to wash clothes efficiently without contaminating the environment.

Zero plastic and zero waste

This laundry detergent is not only green as far as its composition is concerned, it is also zero plastic and zero waste. And La Lessive de Paris doesn’t come in plastic containers, as is usually the case; it is poured into unlabeled glass bottles with metal caps. This not only reduces plastic waste but also prevents the microplastic and nanoplastic residues found in liquids packaged in plastic containers from contaminating water tables, rivers and oceans.

To get your hands on this new environmentally friendly product, simply go to their website and order a four-bottle starter pack. The pack is delivered to the customer's home by bicycle, with no cardboard or overpackaging. When you’ve used up the first three bottles, just re-order and receive three refilled bottles. And at the same time the delivery person will collect your empty bottles, which are then washed and reused over and over again.

Local loop

Created by Hubert Michaux and Victor Cerutti, La Lessive de Paris is produced in a workshop in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. This is where everything is done: laundry detergent production, bottling, order preparation and cleaning returned bottles.

This organization allows the company to not only offer its environmentally friendly liquid laundry detergent at a competitive price compared to those of the major brands, but also deliver its customers in inner Paris by bicycle, consequently eliminating the need for truck deliveries.
"By creating this local manufacture/marketing/delivery/returns loop, La Lessive de Paris demonstrates that it is possible to offer a low-carbon alternative at the same price as an ecological washing liquid sold in supermarkets," the company points out.