Building Showerloop - Credit : © Jason Selvarajan

This infinite shower uses very little water - and very little energy!

Posted on 04 November 2015.

A young Finnish engineer has developed a prototype for an environmentally friendly infinite shower that filters the water continuously – and it’s open source.

"I’ve always concentrated on preventing pollution... It's much more effective than repairing the damage afterwards," says Jason Selvarajan.

At least 10 liters of water go down the drain for every minute spent in the shower. The problem had been nagging away at him since he was a child, so young Finnish engineer Jason Selvarajan developed a prototype that recycles shower water. The water is collected and pumped through 5 different kinds of filters (gravity, micro-fiber, sand, activated carbon and ultraviolet light to disable any remaining bacteria) before going back into the shower head in a closed loop. Dubbed Showerloop, this endless shower uses very little water. But also very little energy as the heat from the first shower is recovered during the recycling process.

An innovation from an eco-hackathon

This innovation was selected during POC21 (Proof of concept), an innovation camp to prototype the fossil free, zero waste society. 80 days before COP21, engineers and designers gathered at Chateau Millemont (Yvelines), which became a FabLab and an eco-hacker nursery for the occasion. Objective: to create a more sustainable production model so that anyone can make, repair and upgrade items at affordable cost and on a local scale, according to the collaborative economy association Ouishare, which was behind the event along with the German collective Open State.

Endless shower kits coming soon

Result: like all the other inventions presented at POC21, Showerloop plans are open source. A must for the bathrooms of cradle to cradle fans! Jason Selvarajan also plans to produce kits - with training included. A crowdfunding campaign is planned to help develop a ready to fit version. He is even working on a model with an adaptation for connection to a tank. Showerloop could then be used in countries where water resources are limited.