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I drink tap water. So what?

Posted on 08 March 2016.

In Poland, the CZYŚCIUTKO Foundation advocates drinking tap water rather than buying it bottled.

Drinking tap water helps reduce the amount of waste.

"I drink tap water" - the name of the campaign in Poland begun by the CZYŚCIUTKO Foundation. For the last year and a half, volunteers have been campaigning in schools and businesses, and even in restaurants, to encourage people to choose tap water over plastic bottles.

Although tap water is available virtually all over the country, the majority of Poles continue to drink bottled water. A deeply ingrained habit resulting from the delay before the country got to grips with water treatment. It wasn’t until it joined the European Union in 2004 that effective health regulations came into force.

Today, the water is the same from taps in London, Paris or Warsaw, points out the CZYŚCIUTKO Foundation. No reason, therefore, to fill your cupboards with plastic bottles of water.

Bottles that are anything but environmentally friendly. Firstly, because manufacturing and transporting them (sometimes thousands of kilometers) produces large amounts of greenhouse gases, but in particular because every bottle thrown away potentially joins the millions of metric tonnes of plastic waste that are not recycled each year. Drinking water from the tap helps reduce the amount of unnecessary waste.

On its website, the Foundation promotes responsible water consumption, and more generally the efficient use of resources. It gets experts to talk about it, and publishes a list of cafes, bars and restaurants - all over the country – that serve tap water for free. It also sells its own plastic bottles made of Tritan, a responsible material. It recommends sustainable use – refilling bottles with water from the nearest tap, as soon as they are empty!

The CZYŚCIUTKO Foundation’s awareness campaign points out one crucial thing: drinking water is not available worldwide. So enjoy it!