Home composting with in style : discover Urbalive!

Posted on 20 December 2016.

A vermicomposter is an interesting solution to reducing the volume of your bio-waste... but not always a very elegant one! With Urbalive de Plastia, efficiency and design go hand in hand.

An efficient, stylish, safe and odorless worm composter is Urbalive's promise with a model designed by Jiri Pelcl in the Czech Republic and manufactured by Plastia.

How can we reduce the volume of our garbage, particularly in cities? This question taunts many households but there’s no easy answer. In the countryside or in gardens, composters have gradually become part of the landscape. But how do you make it work when you haven’t got a garden or live in an apartment?

Vermicomposting - also known as worm composting - is a simple solution that makes home composting a piece of cake.



A stylish vermicomposter

But there is no question of adding an ugly container to your superb open kitchen! Specializing in sustainable homes and gardens, the Czech company Plastia wanted to address both environmental and aesthetic issues. Its line of vermicomposters, christened "Urbalive", was designed by the famous architect and designer Jiri Pelcl (known notably for having designed office of the former president Vaclav Havel in Prague). The Urbalive vermicomposter works in the usual way... but is good looking too! In yellow or gray, it forms a "green loop" – but at home: you buy vegetables and fruit (if possible organic because they are less loaded with pesticides), you feed the very greedy worms with the peelings and other organic waste, and in a few months you get a high quality compost – a natural fertilizer rich in enzymes and hormones that is particularly good for your indoor and outdoor plants. A complete circle! You’ll also collect the famous "compost tea" or liquid compost, which, once diluted in 10 times its weight of water will give your indoor plants a completely natural fillip.

Tips for success

To successfully set up your green loop at home, you just have to respect a few simple rules: natural aeration for your container (which is done simply when you feed the top plate in the composter), darkness (the Urbalive is particularly well sealed), and a constant temperature. The small “red wriggler” worms are the preferred species. Particularly gluttonous, they devour 0.5 to 1 times their weight per day. You start on the basis of 500g of worms for 250g of waste.

To the nitrogen rich organic waste (vegetable and fruit peels), you add some carbonaceous waste (cardboard egg boxes for example) to soak up the excess water. The carbon / nitrogen ratio will contribute to the success of your mix! Coffee grounds and tea leaves will also feed your vermicomposter very well, but you have to avoid citrus fruit, spices, meat and fish waste, as well as fat.

Good management will ensure there is no unpleasant smell and your organic waste will turn into a high quality natural amendment, which will have the lovely fragrance of the undergrowth! After two to three weeks, the decomposition process will be well under way. Three months later, you will have your first home compost. To perfect your little urban farm, Urbalive gives you a final piece of advice: good produce produce good waste and quality compost. Optimal recycling also means... good quality waste!