Help the planet by keeping your household appliances going!

Posted on 04 June 2019.

The French start-up Murfy has made a specialty of repairing household appliances. Its circular goal is to avoid unnecessarily replacing them when they may still have a long life ahead.

Almost 50% of the time, it’s not even necessary to replace a part. It just needs cleaning so it works better.

Who hasn’t had a dryer, oven or dishwasher break down? And who hasn’t decided replace a defective appliance rather than simply having it repaired? In fact according to ADEME, of the 28 million household appliances that break down every year in France, only 2.4 million are repaired.
Although... It often doesn’t need much to prolong the life of these appliances and so limit our impact on the environment. The French start-up Murfy has taken up the challenge. Launched in July 2018, this platform aims to reduce electronic waste by helping consumers repair their appliances at home. The offer is simple, clever and practical. Murfy offers two types of services.
First, a free diagnosis of the cause of your breakdown and a range of tutorials that are available online so anyone can do the repairs themselves. And it works! "About 50% of the time, it’s not even necessary to replace a part. It just needs cleaning so it works better," says the co-founder of the site, Guy Pezaku.
And second, Murfy offers a home repair service responding in less than 24 hours at a fixed price (€75). If a part needs changing, it is added to the invoice. But in most cases, parts are available commercially - both easily and cheaply. You have saved on the cost of a new appliance. And if the product breaks down again in the next six months? Another home visit is included in the initial price.

120 metric tons of waste avoided

In less than a year, the start-up, which operates in Île-de-France and more recently in the Lille region, has already repaired more than 1,500 appliances. No problem: "In only 6% of cases is it impossible to repair and it has to be replaced,” insists Guy Pezaku. “If people maintained their machines better, they would at least double their lifespan."
1,500 appliances repaired and not replaced represents 120 metric tons of waste avoided. A very encouraging figure, which allows the young start-up to hope it will become a real player in the local circular economy. For now, Murfy is aiming to deploy across France, which has 200 million appliances in use.