Got an idea for giving packaging a second life? Enter the competition!

Posted on 14 December 2017.

In the Czech Republic, Model Obaly organizes a competition to encourage young designers to give packaging a second life.

A great way of encouraging a new generation of designers to integrate circular economy principles in their work.

Imagine: just back from the store, you’re tidying away all the food you’ve bought. Have you noticed the amount of packaging you throw away once you’ve emptied your shopping bags?
In France alone, more than five million tonnes of household packaging is produced annually. That’s a huge amount of packaging with a very short lifecycle as it usually ends up in the trash after the product is unwrapped.
Model Obaly - one of the largest packaging manufacturers in the Czech Republic - may have found a way of combating all this waste. Every year since 1996, it has organized its "Young Package" competition, since 2017 with a new name Model Young Package. Designers under the age of 30 from all over the world are invited to present their cardboard packaging ideas. To start with the themes were relatively classic, but in the last two years the competition has taken another turn. Model Obaly wants young designers to think about how to give packaging a second life.

Unlimited packaging

In 2016, the theme of the competition was Package Unlimited. The aim was to design packaging that has a use other than just protecting the product. The winners included a bottle of water that turns into ping-pong rackets and packaging for knife-maker Opinel, the upper part of which can be used for storing knives.
 And in 2017, the Open & Play theme invited candidates to design packaging that could later be used in an entertaining way. Just like the "Blockbuster" pizza box designed in Hong Kong by Pizza Hut in 2015 - amazingly the empty pizza box turns into a movie projector!

 In 2018 the designers will create packaging that will react to the all present phenomenon of coffee. Thanks to the theme Coffee mania the Organizators call out creators to design packaging not only for coffee as it is but also for everything that belongs to it. 
It’s a useful initiative that invites a new generation of designers to integrate circular economy principles in their work. Who knows, in a few years it could completely change our relationship with packaging...